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Yoga path

Yoga for me was not the classical "love at first sight". There was a long time when I actually practiced asana but not really Yoga. It was a long journey until I found the deeper, holistic practice of Yoga – including an absolutely unplanned start in teacher training.

Several trainings and workshops with wonderful mentors all over the world followed where I was able to deepen my personal growth and complete more then 1000 hours of Yoga alliance-certified Yoga teacher training and countless hours of teaching expirience. 

My lifetime will probably not be long enough to learn everything I want, even though I would love to.

What I can teach and pass on to my students is a transformation of knowledge about asana practice, philosophy, anatomy and my own experiences I was able to acquire along the way.


"Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are."

I would like to thank my teachers in a humble way, namely

  • Jayaprada Radhika for her teaching and especially for her words "you are so made for this", her words have changed my life.

  • Govinda Dev Das, especially for the teaching of the Yoga Sutras. Yes, all of them - and his incredible wisdom. It nourishes me until today.

  • Pastor Ernst Sieber for his teaching of pure selflessness. And hot tea.

  • K. Pattabhi Jois for Ashtanga. The practice has brought out the best and the worst of me.

  • Paramaguru Sharath Jois for his continuing of teaching Ashtanga.

  • Laruga Glaser for her loving and devoted Ashtanga practice training all over the world.

  • Markus Henning Griess for Yin, anatomy and meditation.

  • Daniela Garza Rios, especially for her wisdom in TCM. 

  • Carols Romero for Thai Yoga massage and Yin.

  • Clare Nicholls for Jivamukti Yoga. 

  • Orhan, the owner of Gadahsmarket, his daily practice of Yama touches me deeply. (Yama is one of the eight limbs of Yoga and includes rules on how to behave towards others with honesty and non-violence.)

  • My mother, for my birth and all other hardships with me. But above all her unconditional love and support.  

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