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As a teacher the greatest achievement for me is to see how Yoga works for my students. Seeing the development and the effect of Yoga on their faces is the nicest feeling that I can think of.


Yoga literally means, among other things, integration. Therefore I pay great attention that my students do understand and are able to master the true meaning of the individual exercises. Along the learning process they will be able to open the gates and deepen the mental and physical knowledge of themselves and the practice of Yoga. Whether this is with a headstand, an active inversion or during the minutes of silence in a Yin Yoga asana, it is as unique as every student.


I am constantly on the move and love the physical challenge of a vigorous asana practice, so I mainly teach dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa lessons which are inspired by my own long-standing experience of traditional Ashtanga Yoga. In addition to the Yang practice I like to combine the deep-acting elements of Yin Yoga to complete a lesson. My drive and belief is to keep the balance between a focused and physically challenging lesson spiced up with joy. So I take practice seriously but not so much myself and my teaching, therefore there will never be a lesson without laughing or at least smiling.


 "You don't have to be flexible to do yoga. You just have to be willing to shake off the dust and see what happens."


Workshops and additional classes announced on Instagram.

Weekyl class Thursday 18:00 @Planet Yoga 

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