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Yoga Journey

The Yoga Yourney is our unique new 200 hour Yogateachetraining in Zurich and Lesbos.

The Yoga Yourney is our unique 200 hour yoga teacher:in training in Zurich and Lesbos.

The path of yoga is unique and magical.

It will enrich your life and bring you a better physical and mental self-understanding. Together we will go on this magical journey.


During 200 hours of training, YOGA JOURNEY offers you the ideal foundation on your own personal path.

Whether you are at the beginning or already in the middle.

Our trainings develop body awareness, understanding of the self and a safe, individualized practice. Thus, our trainings are not only for those who want to become teachers, but also for those who want to deepen their self-exploration.

During this journey, however, the focus is on you, your development and your personal growth.

Yoga Journey is a newly developed training program that combines traditional teachings with the latest findings in health, psychology and anatomy. You will learn the basics of physical and mental yoga practice (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and yoga philosophy. We also focus on teaching you how to integrate this knowledge into your life and daily routine.

The training is for anyone interested in either later passing on their skills in the form of teaching or who has the desire to deepen their practice in order to integrate yoga more deeply into your life in a holistic way. Yoga Journey is open to all people who wish to embark on this journey, regardless of age, body condition or gender identification.


During the first five modules in Zurich, you will mainly get to know the basics of physical and mental yoga practice (asana, pranayama and anatomy) better, as well as the first basics in philosophy. Afterwards we will continue this journey in two intensive weeks on Lesbos (Greece) with deepening in philosophy, didactics of teaching, meditation and much more.
Far away from the daily routine, we will immerse ourselves in the yoga material and thus especially promote your individual experience and your development process in the community.


You can find all further information on the Yoga Journey homepage



"It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself."

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