Safe Moondays

It is particularly important for me as a woman to support the Shambav Nepal's Safe Moondays project as an ambassador.

In Nepal's mountain villages there is a huge lack of hygiene items. That is why girls stay away from school five days each month and women are not going to work. Social isolation, lack of education and the risk of infections due to improvised hygiene items are the consequences for the female population. THIS you can prevent now.

Become an ambassador

Thank you for being an important and valuable part of SAFE MOONDAYS and for supporting the project in your own way as an ambassador. You are making a valuable contribution to the girls and women in Nepal's remote mountain villages.



Your creativity knows no limits. You decide what you can create to make the SAFE MOONDAYS possible.

Possible ideas:

• Bake and sell delicious cakes or bread

• make a flea market

• offer a yoga class

• offer a service in your business for the benefit of the project

• talk about it in your private environment and draw attention to it

• your own great, creative idea ... Everything is possible!


Motivate others to participate; this is how we enable SAFE MOONDAYS.


The aim is to sensitize our fellow human beings to this topic and to achieve so much together with so little money

(see the details in the project application).


20140109_155258 (1).jpg

"Giving is not about making a donation, it's about making a difference."


Share your ideas with your friends. In this way I inspire more people to become part of this project - personal reports can make a huge difference. You can also inform your community via social media (Facebook, Instagram) - so that as many people as possible can see what you are doing and get inspired as well.



 You will find everything you need in your starter set:

• Flyer (A6)

• A5 poster (laminated)

• SAFE MOONDAY kit for viewing => as soon as we receive it (the transport from Nepal is currently shut down)


Last step

You can find the information for transferring the collected money on the flyer or on the website. Pay in the money with the note "SAFE MOONDDAYS".

In return for yourself and your efforts, you will receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year, which can be fully deducted from taxes.


We are very pleased that you are part of our project and are happy to answer any further questions you may have.  

Further information can be found on the webpage of Sambhav Nepal or by contacting us directly.