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Safe Moondays

It is very important for me as a human and woman to support Shambav Nepal's Safe Moondays project as an ambassador.


Because of the lack of access to menstrual utensils in Nepal's mountain villages, girls are absent from school for 5 days every month and women cannot pursue their work. Social isolation, lack of education and sometimes permanent infections due to improvised hygiene products are drastic consequences, which you can prevent with only 10 francs.

We inform in the villages about the topic, assign nurses for workshops and distribute menstruation kits, which can be used for three years. One kit costs 10 francs and makes a huge difference in a woman's life!

Everyone can get involved.
Donate here or set up something yourself: get in touch with us, we have something prepared.

Further information can be found on the webpage of Sambhav Nepal or by contacting us directly.


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"Giving is not about making a donation, it's about making a difference."

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