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Yoga, nudity and bodyculture

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

When I scroll through my Instagram feed, the algorithm throws tons of Yogacontent in front of my nose. Fair enough, as I also feed it. What strikes me is the way of the presentation of the models and influencer as they flow through the web with their half-naked, skinny and hyperflexible bodies. Do not get me wrong. I think nudity is great. #freethenipple I am all in. What bothers me is the presentation of sexualized Yoga. Yoga has as much to do with a sexualized representation of a woman's body as Putin with Gandhi.

Yoga is about connecting to yourself, learning to listen to and trust your body and entering into a non-violent connection with yourself and the world around you. By consuming these images, we are consciously or subconsciously constantly absorbing messages of how we should be or what our bodies should look like. Through these thoughts, we feed our system with devaluation and comparison. At this point, I would like to point out that your life will not get any better if you can do the splits or fit in a size zero. Trust me I did both.

Real harmony and self-love occurs when you accept your body, nourish it, move it and give it the rest it needs. No diet will ever make you happy; it will only be a battle against your body, in which, as in any war, there never are any winners. The body optimization and diet culture is a billion dollar industry that does not have your satisfaction as its goal, it only wants to keep growing and enrich itself from you. Therefore, when we become free from the comparisons and toxic role models, a deep peace of mind and body emerges.

This is exactly the goal of the Yoga practice I want to teach for everyone with any body shape.

I am pleased to offer a day workshop on this topic with Stefanie Hauser on October 2, 2022. Together we will flow through an intensive Yoga practice, enjoy a great vegan brunch and share thoughts and experiences on the topic of body image culture.

Happy to give more information and recive your registration via mail or DM.



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