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Personal Yoga

Personal Yoga allows you to have a customized lesson which focuses entirely on your needs. For example, it can focus on the understanding specific asanas, help you to practice if you have had injuries or uncertainities. You may also have an accurate introduction if you are just starting your Yoga practice.


Your personal Yoga session can be a combination of several contents according to your choices. Please ask for the conditions for this special offer.  

Private lessons

Yoga classes one on one or for more participants with customized content at your preferred location and time.   


Thai Yoga massage

A great option to your personal Yoga session is adding a Thai Yoga massage segment. The focus of this treatment is on passive stretching movements and positions taken from Yin Yoga and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) while I massage pressure points and energy lines. The stimulation helps to release blockades and enables the free flow of prana (life energy). This can be an immense support for stress relief, sleeping disorder or during difficult times. I recommend this special treatment in the evening and preferably in your home. Thai Yoga Massage is practiced on the floor and in comfortable clothing.

Lea Roxanne x River Davis-21.jpg

"Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight."

Substitution, workshops and events

I am happy to offer substitution hours or specific workshops in your Yoga studio. I teach at your event or retreat, in the office or as a complement to further training. I am open for your creative ideas.

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