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Life path

My life was always driven by curiosity and enthusiasm for everything outside normality. I had tried different fields, completed an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, probably just because my mother was not amused by the idea. After finishing this, I worked in bars and cafes until I finally volunteered at "Pfuusbus", a social work project of Pastor Ernst Sieber.


The experience encouraged me and condescended my upcoming years. I continued to work at various social organisations of Pastor Ernst Sieber and other similar foundations, like emergency overnight accommodations, shelters, soup-kitchens and contact centres. This work has opened my eyes and taught me the not so obvious but most valuable things.

Understanding people who are living in a different area of our society have changed my thinking and acting significantly.  The outspokenness and honesty of human beings, their emotions make me feel more comfortable than the so called “proper” society.  

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"I learned to not force anything; conversations, friendships, relationships, attention, love. Anything forced is just not worth fighting for, whatever flows flows, what crashes crashes. It is what it is."

I felt that I needed to deepen my knowledge and I was eager to perceive more of the biographies and personal behaviour factors, therefore decided to continue my education in Psychotraumatology.  I learnt how to classify and judge certain behaviour and potentially how to handle emergency situations and crisis intervention in a professional way. By discovering this new field I have become more curious about the structure of the welfare state and its limitations, I was thirsty for further knowledge and struggled through legal school, worked at the department for correctional facility and adult protection services.


I truly believe that strength needs the Yang, gentleness the Yin, darkness the light, joy the grief, silence the movement, heaviness the lightness, it all is completing the circle. That is the reason why I am teaching Yoga, working in social services and doing all sorts of projects if time allows.  I see my life as a journey and am looking forward to all the stations, strikes, construction sites and the people who I will meet along the way. 


I love the feeling of cold rain on my face, purple hair color, all the tattoos on my body, laughing until my stomach hurts, walking barefoot and smelling cinnamon.

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