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Yin & Yang Teachertraining

Yin and Yang - a continuing education in 50 hours
with Flavia Ghidossi and Lea Pitts


The principles of Yin and Yang are highlighted in this continuing education in 50 hours. This will allow you to incorporate this knowledge into your movement practice and teaching.

Yin yoga is a passive form of movement for your fascia, joints and bones and for finding peace and relaxing your body and mind. Yang yoga challenges you physically and mentally and centres you. We show how these seemingly opposite poles combine to offer a holistic form of relaxation that calms the nervous system and stretches the fascia while strengthening the muscles. We will explore these questions during the six days of training and practice what we have learned together.


Yin Part

In this part, you will learn the five archetypes of the Yin asanas (poses) according to Paul Grilley. You will get an introduction to the Yin-Yoga anatomy, the fascia teaching, the functioning of the nervous system as well as information about the meridian theory from our guest teacher Alexander Mäder, an experienced TCM therapist.


Yang Part

Here we focus on the design of individual sequences and the teaching themes as well as the integration of Yin and Yang. You will learn to create individual sequences for different target groups and have the opportunity to expand your own repertoire. Through your own in-depth exploration of Yin and Yang, you will be able to incorporate what you have learned into your teaching, both practically and theoretically.


In both yin and yang yoga, we can use assists to help yoga practitioners experience the asanas more deeply. We will show you how to get to know these assists and their effects and practice so that you gain confidence in using these effective touches.


Target group

This further training is aimed at yoga teachers as well as interested people who would like to acquire this knowledge for themselves. This further training is also suitable for all those who have a founded yoga practice and would like to deepen it. 



- Theory Yin & Yang

- Deepening your personal teaching practice

- Learning the five archetypes of Yin-Yoga asanas according to Paul Grilley

- Learning of different Yin and Yang variations and their influence in teaching

- Sequencing of Yin & Yang yoga classes

- Basics and safety of touch in yoga classes

- Theory of meridian teaching by TCM experts

- Personal feedback at the end to your own interpretation of Yin and Yang



08:00 - 09:30 Yin & Yang practice

10:00 - 12:00 Theory

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch break

13:00 - 16:00 Asana Lab

16:00 - 18:00 Yin & Yang Practice


Dates / Place

Friday 8. - Sunday 10. March 2024

Friday 5. - Sunday 7. April 2024

The course will take place at Be life Studio in Zürich.



Fr. 1350.00 inkl. teaching materials (excl. meals and travel)


Course leaders

Lea Pitts

Flavia Ghidossi

Alexander Mäder (guest teacher)


Registration and further information / 078 953 16 33

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